Palm Missionary Ministries, Inc., exists primarily to enable and facilitate the development of national missionaries and workers to go into all nations, make disciples and establish them either into existing local evangelical congregations or newly organized churches established according to the PMM Doctrinal Statement in belief, and standards of ethics in operation.


PMM will accomplish the General Statement through the establishment of PMM Affiliate Organizations (AO) in countries as led by the Lord (i.e., Palm Ecuador), and by cooperating with other missions and national ministries to recruit workers, facilitate their training, and place them in areas of ministry as called by God.

Additionally, PMM will assist workers (or ministries) to form a team of partners from both the worker’s country and the States that will help accomplish the goals of the given ministry. The team of partners will assist in the field at times, provide prayer support and share in the financial costs of the workers’ ministries until such a time there is developed a local base of equivalent support.

The worker will begin developing his/her local base by formulating and employing a strategy to teach biblical stewardship in their country of residence and ministry. PMM will provide the administrative mechanism needed to assure that doctrinal and financial accountability and integrity of the individual’s ministry are always maintained.