A graduate student of ALFALIT now is a volunteer teacher in one of the literacy schools

Gisela Acosta born in San Jacinto del Búa on the coast of Ecuador. Gicela is the first child in a family of 11 children. Her parents had very scarce economic resources and couldn´t send their children to any school.

Fifteen years ago, the volunteers of Alfalit Ecuador visited the poorest areas in Pedernales to meet the families and identify the most urgent necessities that they had.   They met Gicela´s family and saw the hard situation they were going through at that time.

Alfalit and the volunteers started a school for children at risk. Gicela attended the school with the first group of children that we had in 2001.

Students of the school in 2001. In this picture, Gicela is the girl standing on the first row on the right. She was a very good student and a kind classmate.

The Mayor of Pedernales gave Gicela a prize for her high grades.


Gicela finished her primary school and after that, she went to a public high school where she graduated.   She also did a sewing course.

Two of her younger brothers also studied in our school. When they started classes with us they had severe malnutrition and parasitosis. It was very hard for them to keep their attention and they would fall asleep during classes. We got some medical help for them. Their health improved and the love and patience of their teachers helped them to learn. She and her brothers invited Jesus to be their personal Savior. They have found joy and hope in Him.

She is married now and has two children.  They are attending an evangelical church faithfully.  After the earthquake that occurred in April of 2016, she and her family have found strength and protection in God. No one in her family was hurt.

She is also a volunteer teacher in one of the literacy schools that Alfalit has in Pedernales. She is teaching adult men and women who are learning how to read and write.

We praise the Lord for all that He has allowed us to do for Gicela and her family. Knowing that there are many children in Pedernales that need help moves us to continue doing this service of love. There are lots of towns and villages where people need education and above all, they need to know the love, grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.



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