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September, 2016 Update

Children: The Secret Agents In Sharing The Gospel

It was the last week of April when I took a group of six children and three young adults for Mission exposure trip to G -Town. Apart from our son Roy, all other five children were their first time to get out without their parents to go share the gospel among the unreached people groups and in this case the M.

I believe the Lord filled them with the Holy Spirit because they were bold and feared nothing. It was my first time too to take kids to G-Town and their courage and eagerness motivated me to take them.

The Church and friends stood with us and we got all that we needed to get to the field and back. We shared a lot with them about G-Town before we left just to prepare them on how the people in the field look like and a brief overview of their culture.

The children were so much excited about the trip and especially sharing their faith to others. One of the children we went with is B a believer and a child from the community we are visiting. B stays with us under the permission of her parents

The trip was long and it takes about eight hours drive from our capital city to G-Town and as you know, kids can’t just sit for those hours doing nothing. Halfway of our trip our children in the bus started singing and praising God. Amazingly everybody in the bus went silent and listen to what they children were saying. Most of the passengers were M. The other children in the bus left their parents seats and joined our children. B from our group began to share the gospel with a boy who went and sat next to her. She did it in her language and as she was sharing the other children were singing, passengers were nodding their heads and the rest from our team were earnestly praying in our hearts for God to draw them to himself. Everything was so amazing and none of us planned it that way.

The Boy accepted Jesus and he alighted after 30 minutes having found a Savior. He was so delighted. Though we have never met him again, we have been praying that the Lord will make him grow in His Grace and knowledge. We praise God that nobody threatened us in the bus. God protected us and gave us victory.

April was a holiday and therefore all the Kenyans schools were closed. As we were approaching G-town, I wasn’t sure how we will get the children there. Our children in the team wanted to meet specifically with the children from the school I have been visiting. Ben, the resident missionary there talked with the teacher of the school if she could come and meet us.

The following day we decided to go to the school in the morning. Since we go through the village, the children spotted us and they all came out of their homes and followed us to the school, their teacher also came. Many children than we expected came and we praised God. The children mingled, played together and shared Bible stories in form of a drama. We did River crossing story in CHE and good health too and it was great. Our children had taken used textbooks but in good shape to them and those books began the library there. There was also a group of girls (teens) that B has formed. Every Holiday she goes home, meet with them and talk about so many life and spiritual issues. I train the girl to train others which is very important in my ministry. Since then many children in G-Town have become my friends and transformation is happening one step at a time. I just praise God for the trust the parents have given us to and entrusted their kids to us despite a few who are still not comfortable with us.

On a different note, about 2 weeks ago B lost her uncle and so I took her to be with her family when they were grieving. For the three days I was there, I stayed mostly with children and one morning I walked around with one. At some point we sat under a tree and I felt compelled to share with her about Jesus who have come to save us from sin and gave us external life. She relaxed and listened so keenly as if she has been waiting for such a day to hear it. She smiled a lot and after sharing she gave her life to Christ, PTL! This the same girl whom I have been teaching her basic things in health like hand washing, being polite, I taught her mother about balance diet. At first they use not to eat vegetables but are now eating, they started keeping chicken and amazingly they now have a toilet! I just thank God that transformation is happening. The girl openly told her mum that she will never attend Islamic classes any more. She began praying in Jesus name and her mother had no problems with her at all. The Lord is using children in G-Town to minister to their own families.

In May/ June we went to costal side among the Duruma people and I concentrated too on children. Kids shared with me that they are oppressed by witchcraft. Almost all kids wear charm protection but still that could not stop the attacks and had no other alternative. I shared on how Christ has defeated Satan and given us hope through his death and resurrection. God gave me favor and were able to cut the charms and prayed. Before we left, they were already coming to church.

The Lord has done great things but not without challenges. At some point we faced opposition in G-town but God use other community people to talk for our defense. I don’t post anything like pictures on Facebook anymore because I was alerted by some friends from that community that I was being followed.

At some point in June our car caught fire when my husband was on his way to Turkana for a mission. They found out that their clothes, Bibles and laptops did not burn! That gave them an indication to continue with the journey using public means. Though this has inconvenience us still God has been faithful. Kindly pray for us to get another car that will fit the terrain we pass through.

Your prayers make a difference! Thank you for your commitment to pray for us. As a family we are greatly strengthened and encouraged when we know God’s work is upheld by your prayers.

My husband also got a chance to attend a Young Leaders Generation Conference in Indonesia. This is a Lausanne conference which takes place after every ten years. It was a great moment that the Lord gave him and others from over 160 countries to worship and fellowship as they share what the Lord is doing all over the world.

Upcoming events:

  1. 19th to 24th, September, I will be going to Olposimoru for Women meeting to discuss about FGM and 24th to 29th October to G-Town for CHE with kids. Kindly pray for the spiritual atmosphere to be cleared ahead of time in this region of witchcraft and other ideologies and forces that keep people hearts locked in darkness.
  2. On 21st to 29th we are looking forward to go to Pakistan for Children CHE. Pakistan and Afghanistan has been in my heart for a long time. This opportunity is an answered prayer for me. Kindly pray for all the resources we shall need especially the air tickets. Other expenses has been catered for. Also would like to visit Afghanis refugees just to pray with them and encourage them. We need a certificate of no objection for us to be allowed into the camp. Kindly pray that God will open a way.
  3. Pray also for our personal provision.
  4. Mozambique Children CHE is postponed until February next year. Kindly pray for all the preparation in the ground.


Thank you so much and God bless



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