Ecuador Earthquake Update

Dear friends, family and supporters of Palm Missionary Ministries, Inc. (PMM):

Many, many thanks for your tremendous response to my plea for help two weeks ago!  It was and is humbling to see so many of you express your love and concern for the very needy people of Ecuador, sharing your goods with others as Jesus taught us to do.  Without your help, many people there would have had no food or water the first part of the last two weeks.  As it was, we barely had enough to provide each family the leanest amount.  Thankfully, though, other ministries are now getting their resources through to the points of need which will help greatly.  Please continue to pray for these hurting people regularly and share with them as you are able.  It is so greatly needed and appreciated.

Concerning the latest reports on the country’s status, PMM Pastor David Vega wrote that people in the affected areas are still quite shaken.  He and other leaders surveyed the areas to evaluate needed help.  He stated, “We could see destroyed houses, families  in distress, children as refugees, and hundreds of people sleeping in the streets.  It is impossible to be there and not cry.”  Vega said the last death count numbered 646 dead, 12,499 injured, 130 yet missing, and 26,091 in shelters.  The quake also destroyed 73 kilometers of road, 7081 kilometers of power line, and 180 mobile communications towers.  Vega’s church members carry food and clothing to families of the injured  who are hospitalized in Quito.  It sounds like the planning leaders have covered all bases of the needy.  They really need our help though because this is the poorest of the poor helping the neediest of the needy.  They remind me of the widow’s mite parable.  I cannot imagine how pleasing this must be to our Lord.

Concerning other rescue efforts, there is good news and there is bad news.  The bad news is that our “water filter” fund and our “where needed” fund are almost depleted.  The good news is that the funds brought much help to hurting people in Ecuador!  The last two weeks have been extremely busy for our Ecuadorian workers.  PMM missionary Ramiro Baez continues to head up the work of all pastors and churches in Ecuador as they merge planning and rescue efforts.  Water filters and food continue to be distributed in the Manabí and Esmeraldas Provinces, the hardest-hit areas.  We desperately need a great deal more financial help to keep food and water flowing for at least a couple more months.  I ask those of you who are able to continue your financial and prayer support for this cause for a while longer.  There are still filters to fabricate and distribute and needy folks to feed.

PMM Partner InterSALUD, is going into villages where there is no water to put down wells which will provide water for the entire village.  Director Emil Borja said that they have to buy drills only since they have rigs and volunteer labor to do the work.  The drills cost $800 each and they optimistically hope that one drill will drill 10 wells.  Hence, their goal is to buy 10 drills ($8000) to drill 100 wells.  That would save a lot of people from walking 10’s of miles daily to get water.  If you wish to help with this, mark your gift “InterSALUD drill bit.”

In Muisne (moo-eeez-nay), PMM Pastor Nahun Cagua’s masonry house was completely shaken down to a pile of stone rubble.  Nahun’s home was sort of a town hall for his village.  In a meeting of all pastors and Christian organizations last week, Ramiro reported on the pastor’s house and several in the meeting from the states suggested that his house become a project to demonstrate a new-type of construction for the coast that combines bamboo and masonry that would be somewhat earthquake resistant (only bamboo houses were left standing after the quake).  Some funds were immediately collected as “seed” money for the house.  Are you ready for this?  The house can be built for about $8000, and will be used as  an example for others to build in the same manner.  Want to help with this project?  Mark your gift “Nahun’s Project.”  Perhaps your Sunday School class will take this on.

Future planning:  I believe that everyone is presented with an “opportunity of a lifetime” from time to time.  Some grab it and reap the joy and lasting benefits from it.  Others allow such an opportunity to pass by choosing rather to remain in their “safe zones.”  Such opportunities are before us in the months ahead.  You obviously recognize that there is much help needed in Ecuador. . . months and years of help.  Much of this help can and will be done by short-term mission/work teams.  For instance, your church or Sunday School class might take on the project of building one of the $8000 houses like Pastor Nahun needs.  Or, it may be one of many construction needs that will be coming up.  Or, it could be just to help put down a well.  The fact is, that the team members will receive many more blessings than those whom they are helping.  I’ve seen work-team personnel testify that such a venture completely changed their lives and advanced their spiritual growth immensely.  My friends, there is nothing more rewarding than giving.  Be it money, time, talent or whatever, giving it for others brings the richest blessings I know.  I pray you will talk to your pastor or Sunday School leader very soon.  If you are interested, please write to me or Gary Meier (, PMM’s Short-term Work Team Coordinator.  We will gladly contact you and help you get started in your planning and preparation.  You will never regret it.

Again, I ask for you to be praying for Ecuador and God’s lovely people there.  And, I appreciate your prayerful consideration for this need.  Should you wish to help, please make your check payable to Palm Ministries and mark it for the project you wish to help:

  1. Ecuador Relief – Where Needed (food, transportation, etc.)
  2. Water Filters
  3. Nahun’s House
  4. InterSALUD drill bits

Please mail it to:

Palm Ministries

1315 Campo Sano Avenue

Coral Gables, FL 33146-1165

Or, click here to go to the donate for PMM.

Thank you for taking  time to give consideration to this need.  I appreciate it very much and I know the people of Ecuador will be ever more grateful.

Warmly in Christ,

Art Patray, PMM

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