Strong Earthquake Hits Ecuador

April 18, 2016

Strong Earthquake Hits Ecuador

Coastal Provinces Devastated


Ecuador Earthquake5 2016 Pastor Ramiro Baez, a Palm Missionary Ministries (PMM) pastor and missionary in Ecuador, reported today that the damage from Saturday night’s quake has left immeasurable damage mainly in the coastal Provinces of Esmeraldas, Manabí and Guayaquil. Buildings are shaken apart, collapsed and turned into rubble; the recently improved road system is in shambles; and, electricity is out in all the areas mentioned. A seemingly impossible task of rebuilding awaits the leaders of Ecuador. In the interim, people are without potable water and damaged roads are greatly hindering relief efforts. Old habits of drinking water from polluted streams will be revisited in the meantime. Thankfully, much food is grown in the area and sea food is plentiful if one has means to catch it.


Ecuador Earthquake3 2016Since getting water to the victims is a priority, PMM will immediately work to provide 1000 water filters to homes on the coast. The filter can be produced and transported to the area for about $33.33 each.  The filter will provide potable water for a family for at least a year and there are no replacement parts needed.  This means that the family will not have to walk miles to get their “bottled” water at an issue point if such is even available.  As the area begins to heal and gain some normality, Ramiro will continue to try to provide filters as funds permit.  While we will be working to provide needs other than water, the immediate filters have priority.  Donations for other needs are also appreciated.  PMM is also looking into the need for work teams to go and help.  I will send another notice when our people in Ecuador determine the need and timing.

Ecuador Earthquake6 2016

Hopefully you will join our effort and make a tax-deductible donation to help with these filters and other needs that will be provided. Three families can have a year of clean drinking and cooking water for $100. That’s not much for the good it will do.  For those of you who choose to help, PMM will send a receipt for the donation and a pre-addressed envelope should you wish to help the following month.  The rebuilding effort will take many months by the government and all other charities working together.  PMM will keep you informed concerning the progress and needs. Ecuador Earthquake2 2016


Please also pray for Ecuador and God’s lovely people there.  They appreciate your prayerful consideration for this need.  Should you wish to help, please make your check payable to Palm Ministries and mark it For Earthquake Relief.  Please mail it to:



Palm Ministries

1315 Campo Sano Avenue

Coral Gables, FL 33146-1165




Click here to donate to the earthquake relief fund.
Remember to mark it for Earthquake Relief.


Thank you for taking time to give consideration to this need.  It is appreciated very much and the people of Ecuador will be forever grateful.


Warmly in Christ,

Art Patray, PMM President