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2015 Picture of Kijabe FamilyJo lives and works in Kenya. She is married and has three children: two boys and a girl, ages 8, 5 and 2. Called by God to reach the unreached with the love of Christ, especially in the untouched and most feared places few dare to trod, Jo began to prayerfully plan and strategize her steps after graduating from college in 2005. Reaching the unreached was burning in her heart; she felt no fear because she knew God was guiding her into this exciting but dangerous ministry.

Community Health Education

jo2Jo found that her most effective strategy to be received by groups and villages was using Community Health Education approach. It is a strategy that has been used in about 120 countries around the world (called Community Health Evangelism, or CHE) to serve the needs of the people physically and spiritually. jo2Much of the third-world countries are made up of populations that are somewhat isolated with no means for healthcare or education; and they are uneducated and not resourceful.

Jo’s focus is to evangelize the poor through Community Health Education. People are coming to Christ and communities are being lifted out of cycles of poverty and diseases. This approach is multiplying as the reached are now reaching the unreached as they learn more and more about God’s Word. Their friends, neighbors and families are becoming disciples.

jo4Jo trains her clients in CHE in the same manner so that some would take what they have learned about health and hygiene and teach others.



Girls’ Ministry

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is practiced in the 29 countries in Africa and the Middle East, and more than 125 million girls and women alive today have been horribly cut in this manner.jo5 FGM is one or more procedures that intentionally alter or cause injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. FGM has no health benefits for girls or women, but can cause severe problems including complications in childbirth. FGM is clearly a violation of the human rights of the victims.

jo6The communities in which Jo works ignorantly and sadly practice FGM. Large numbers of girls are now and will be forced to undergo one of the FGM traditional procedures. Most are also forced into undesired, early marriages, another traditional practice that affects girls’ physical, social, intellectual and spiritual development.

Many girls suffer torture and face trauma because of these practices. Some acquire and suffer diseases that slowly eat at them, while others develop fistulas and other complications, or even die. Educational opportunities are also missed. Girls who wish to run away have no place to run or anybody to comfort them.jo7 Jo has seen God’s Word help and dramatically change lives however, and it is her prayer and plan to reach more while educating and involving entire communities to ban the practices.

Jo stated, “I seek to teach the girls to see themselves and live the same way God sees them and wants them to live. They need to have a personal relationship with God, according to His Word. Then they will have self-worth and the wisdom to live and cope with others and with their environment.” Jo plans to accomplish this with the following actions:

  1. Educational seminars in schools and communities: That is to let the girls seek and totally surrender themselves to God and start believing and trusting in Him. As a result the girls will earnestly follow God and his word and to grow in grace and knowledge of Him.
  2. Encourage the girls to spread the truths they learned to others around them making them to make other disciples which will lead to community development.
  3. Introduce girls to education, especially about FGM. This is to let the girls exercise their rights and lead dignified lives that bring glory to God.
  4. To visit and give support to the Missionaries who are serving among the un-reached communities on monthly basis.

jo8Jo concluded, “My desire is to see the abandonment of harmful traditional practices and to lead the advancement of the communities’ spiritual, social, physical, intellectual and economic empowerment.

I welcomed you to be part of what God is doing in these communities in expansion of His Kingdom and for His own glory.”

God Bless you.


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