Footprints Program

Footprints is an Evangelical Christian Program focused on preventing child abuse, trafficking of minors and domestic violence.

Niños GualsaquiPreventive phases of the Christ-centered program include:

  1. IMG_4435Informing children, adults and community authorities about the abusive problems, consequences and actions to be taken.
  2. Warning the most vulnerable communities about trafficking of minors and about the different types of abuse.
  3. Raising awareness in society in general about such problems.
  4. Generating corrective actions to be taken that will generate changes.
  5. Mobilizing strategic local participants (high risk groups and regional authorities) to be a part of the solution for these problems.
  6. Most importantly, the program is an effective method to open doors to new areas where no IMG_3931bnevangelical churches exists;  Footprints is instrumental in planting new churches and it will also help to breath new life into existing churches through ongoing follow-up of the Footprints Program participants.  The Pastor of the Church is presented to the community as a counselor.

The Footprints Program begins with two dynamic and penetrating informative lectures on the issues of child abuse, trafficking of minors and domestic violence.  One is given for the children and the other for the parents:

  1. IMG_05511Instruction is given to the children with the help of our puppet friends, Archiblue, 4 Pelos and Tostito, who present a diversity of dangerous situations.  Instructors interact with the boys and girls to teach them predictable dangerous situations they might encounter.  For example, they learn what types of abuse exist, what are their legal rights concerning abuse, and who they can go to if they need help. Instructional helps with the children include games and impressionable comedy, which helps children to retain that which they have learned.  Future pitfalls for abuse may be avoided and the children  learn to respond with a resounding “NO!!!” to future abusive attacks.
  2. Instruction for the parents and adults is given at the same time IMG_4055as that of the children but apart from them.  The topics are the same except they are given from an adult perspective. Parents learn how to protect their children;  they also learn what are the legal consequences parents incur for abusing their children in any manner, or allowing their children to be used in any kind of illegal child labor (the “renting” of their children).
  3. At the conclusion of both lectures, the Gospel is presented and God’s Scriptural intentions for families is presented.  Past presentations have yielded as many as 90% of attendees making decisions for Christ!   IMG_32721-682x1024While most events average 600 children and 400 parents from 2 or 3 different public schools, one can readily see the spiritual success of the program in addition to the successes in preventing abuse and trafficking.
  4.  At the conclusion of the instructional part of the program, each child attendee is given a new pair of socks and shoes, and a towel.  These gifts are presented in a special manner by volunteers who wash the kid´s feet and fit their new socks and shoes for them. This is done to impart a spirit of love, care and protection to the child.  Most of the children having never owned a pair  of shoes, this gesture shows the Christian faith  of the instructors shown by their works.  The children see the program instruction become an action of reality and they learn to trust in these adults.

Voluntario-2-682x1024The Footprints Program costs $10 USD per child.  Usually 3 schools are served in one weekend.  Each school has 200 children students.  So, in a regular  Footprints program event in one weekend, 600 to 1000 children and their parents are served.  The Program is funded by donor-friends who believe in and support abuse prevention.  You and your Church can get involved with Footprints Program as a Voluntier or a donor by contacting one of the offices below.

CLICK HERE TO DONATE ON LINE please write FOOTPRINTS in the field Missionary or Partner name.

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