Welcome to PMM

Rev. Art PatrayThank you for your interest in the ministries of our Latin American partners. I pray you will spend time to visit each page and see how the God is working to help the poorest of the poor in needy Latin America and other areas as God leads us.

PMM works almost exclusively with Latin American nationals whom God has called to be pastors, missionaries or support personnel. PMM also partners with established national Christian organizations including both church and para church ministries that wish to identify themselves as organizations of integrity and accountability in the areas of evangelical doctrine, work ethic and finances. PMM operates according to the standards of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), as do our national partners and workers.

Generally, most national workers associated with PMM have training from any of various evangelical institutions. Some of the schools attended include Baptist, C&MA, Nazarene, Wesleyan, Assembly of God, Azusa Pacific, Rio Grande Bible Institute, and other evangelical training points. Most know the value of continuing education and some are presently seeking graduate degrees.

Although PMM’s national’s evangelistic thrusts include crusades, Christian schools, education for illiterates, prison outreach, camping, etc., church planting (CP) is the focus of all ministries. As is should be, CP is the end result of all efforts. The organized fellowship best provides edifying and nurturing spiritual growth for believers, new and old. Scripture leaves no mystery concerning this. Spiritual gifts must be discovered and nurtured in individuals, leaders must train new leaders, and all must put actions to their gifts in the body of believers.Because of the variety of our different ministries, PMM offers an excellent platform for missions-minded churches to become involved “on the field” with our nationals. Believers “in the pews” of churches everywhere can become involved with mission and work teams to spend a week or two on the mission field at very reasonable costs. Many churches in the states now are partners with various churches in Latin America. They communicate very regularly and share praises and needs with one another. Lifelong friendships are developed and mutual visits become a part of the relationship. God works amazingly in these relationships. Fantastic, isn’t it??

I do pray that our Lord will lead you to something of interest in our ministries. We try to be very accommodating and personal in our relationships with our workers and partners. I hope you will contact me and let me know how I can help you to become a partner too!
Art Patray President PMM Inc.