Angel Aguirre

Untitled6Angel Aguirre is the present director of Ecuador’s Prison Ministry Bible Institute.   A former prisoner himself, he found Christ while in prison under the ministry of ACEE (Asociasion Carcelera Ecuatoriana Evangelica), the Ecuador Evangelical Prison Ministry.  He has also served as President of ACEE for several years.  Hence, he is very familiar with the prison system in Ecuador.

As Director of the Prison Ministry Bible Institute, Angel provides Bible studies at Quito’s three prisons as well as at Ibarra, Ambato, Guayaquil, Machala, and Rio Bamba.  The studies are presented in conjunction with the H. C. J. B. Christian Academy, the Crossroad Christian Academy, and ACEE.

Untitled5 Angel also provides services to the children and families of prisoners, including refreshments, school uniforms, and other weekly support.  Special events are also help on Children’s Day, Christmas, and other holidays.  Medical services are provided by medical caravans.  Building materials are provided for prisoners to improve their cells and wards, including paint, lumber, tiles, toilets, and other material as needed.  Cleaning supplies are also provided.

Besides being the Director of the Bible Institute for prisoners, Angel also serves as a member of Board of the Prison Association and Palm Ecuador.

Angel has a lifetime of experience on both sides of the law.  Like a lot of the poor citizens in his country, he was raised in poverty so extreme that thievery was the foolish choice remedy of many.  Incarceration was always in their future, however.  Illegal drugs seemed to be another unwise choice of many in this group including Angel.  To be severely addicted to drugs in prison is a painful and difficult situation, especially when services for treatment are not available.  One has to look beyond human help.  Angle did just that.

Untitled4 To be in a Quito prison is to hear the music of the evangelical prisoners filtering up through the prison cells.  Angel had heard about the bible studies that were being held too.  On one particular day, when he had used all his contraband drugs, and he had used all the drugs he had forcefully taken from others around him, he was at his wit’s end.  Trying to get his mind off his terrible desire for a fix, he searched for something to read.  There was nothing to be found.   He finally noticed a small piece of paper on the floor outside the cell.  After reaching to retrieve it, he began to read what was visible.  Recognizing that it was scripture, he realized that it was a half-page from a Gideon’s’ New Testament.  To shorten the story, Angel was convicted of his need for a Savior and he began to join the ACEE group and eventually gave his life to Christ.  As stated above, he also eventually became the President of ACEE and served for several years.  God has used Angel to touch literally thousands of lives in Ecuador.  And, He is not through with him yet.  You can join Angel’s ministry by Contacting PMM, and you can Donate to his ministry by clicking on the appropriate highlighted area.

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