Ramiro and Mercy Baez

Untitled1Pastor Ramiro Baez and his wife Mercy live in Pifo, Ecuador where they pastor the Iglesia Buen Pastor (Good Shepherd Church). They also founded and manage the Bethel Elementary School, Bethel High School and Bethel University. Their daughter Gaby is a student at the school.

Untitled2Pastor Baez and his church have planted several daughter churches in the area and are very evangelistic in their community and those surrounding Pifo. Baez was also instrumental in starting the many life-changing ministries at the Quito city dumps (land-fills) where churches and schools have been built.

The Baez family and their church welcome many work groups from the states yearly. Summer missionaries from the states are also familiar sites at one or more of their schools. Potential work teams or short-term missionaries may inquire on the CONTACT page.

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