Ricardo & Gloria Hidalgo

Ricardo & Gloria Family

Ricardo & Gloria Family

Missionaries on the Ucayali River in Peruvian Amazon

When we read about the Lord’s Great Commission to the Disciples in Matthew 28:18-20, we usually visualize “going into all the world” as simply that – striking out walking with Bible under arm.  We naturally do not think about the differing logistics involved in the task of evangelism.  You can be sure, however, that they vary greatly depending upon the geographical area being targeted.

Living on the Ucayali River in Pucallpa, Peru, PMM missionaries Ricardo and Gloria Hidalgo usually travel by boat to reach the many villages of the indigenous Shipibo people who live in the Peruvian Amazon jungles.  There are no roads.  The only other way to reach the many villages is by float plane, which is quite expensive.

The Hidalgo’s love and concern for the Shipibos living along the river is immeasurable, and their work the last decade was aimed at evangelizing and discipling these very needy people.  Ricardo stated, “By the grace of God we exist and are, and we can do nothing if He is not in control.

Shipibo villages at Ucayali River, Pucallpa - Peru

Shipibo villages at Ucayali River, Pucallpa – Peru

After working with our Shipibo brothers for about ten years, we were surprised when we hear their words that told us that they too, wanted to help in the work of training and evangelizing their unreached Shipibo brothers.”  They told Ricardo, “Each one of us can provide some resources and we can get out on the missionary boat and reach places you cannot, and with God’s help, we can go to the villages that have never been contacted.  That is our challenge.  Also, when you are not able to go to strengthen the established churches, we will go.  We feel we have the ability to do so.”  Obviously, seeing the fruits of their labors is a great encouragement to the Hidalgo’s.

Medical Caravans in the "Evangelist boat"

Medical Caravans and training seminars are conducted up and down the Ucayali River in the “Evangelista,” a triple-deck river boat.


During the last ten years, the Hidalgo’s have been training Shipibo leaders to teach and disciple others.  It is now paying off.  They are being called by God to go and evangelize.  It’s a rare occasion to see indigenous Shipibo teachers ready to teach and train other Shipibos.  Ricardo thoughtfully assessed the occasion and stated, “Sometimes we are not aware of all God is doing, and then we open our eyes.  Now is the time of the Shipibo brothers and God graciously gave them the tools to teach, to disciple, to train in their own language.  This is what we have been teaching and finally we see before us the great answer of God!  To God be the Glory!

The Hidalgos need your help as they embark on their mission to reach the tribes and villages that have never heard the Word.  Certainly they need your prayers first and foremost.  As can be expected, they

Church Construction

Church Construction

need other help too.  Their economic support is very lacking resulting in them being bi-vocational.  Wishing to devote all their efforts to their ministry, they are asking prayer for resources and finances to be able to serve these needy people full time.   See the Contact page if you wish to give a gift or a note of encouragement.

They need your prayers for the missionary efforts up and down the river. Please pray for the growth of established churches and for resources and God’s blessings on the evangelizing of the unreached.  Please pray too, for Oralidad, the program that will impact the lives of every student.  Prayer and financial support is needed for the Oralidad Project.

Here is a Powerpoint of ministry to children in the area:


Below are some of the Hidalgo’s monthly prayer letters:

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Here are some recent pictures from Ricardo’s mission:

Mission Photos

Mission Trip to Palestine Community

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