Joselito & Ana Orellana

Joselito preaching in Huaraz Dr. and Mrs. Joselito Orellana, PhD., have been Associates of PMM for over ten years.   Joselito works to educate, train, and equip people willing go forth as evangelists and pastors Ecuador and other Latin American countries.

Before joining PALM he was a chaplain at a Christian hospital in Quito, where he resides with his wife and four daughters.  As chaplain he ministered to patients and their families and also trained the hospital staff in evangelism. Currently Joselito is the senior theology teacher of the Ecuadorian Baptist Theological Seminary, an itinerant preacher, and co-pastor at University Baptist Church from Quito.

Joselito also teaches and lectures on skills and techniques relative to preaching, church administration, training, theological education, and family counseling in churches, universities/seminaries, and various organizations regularly.

He is a frequent writer for the Spanish Baptist Publishing House, from El Paso TX-USA. He recently co-authored a book, Hispanic World Study Bible.

Joselito preaching 2His wife, Anita has earned her master’s degree in counseling and also works with the youth and women in their church. They have 4 beautiful daughters who keep their home happy and bright.  As most of PMM’s national associates, the Orellanas are faith workers and most of their income is from ministry partner/donors from outside Ecuador.

For additional information, visit their personal web site has many more photos and data.

Testimonial about the Orellanas

I have known and worked in ministry with Joselito and Anita Orellana for 25 years. We have worked together in seminary training, evangelism, local church ministry, publishing, and missions ministry. I know, love, trust, and value them both as close friends and colleagues. I knew them when they were committed Christian singles and watched them grow as they married, had their three biological daughters, and as they lovingly received their niece into their family when Joselito’s sister passed away. Joselito is a scholar, preacher, counselor, and minister, and Anita shares his ministry and vision. She is trained in counseling and ministers alongside Joselito in counseling couples and families. Joselito and Anita are committed missionaries and wonderful blessings to the church.

David Sills, D.Miss., Ph.D.

President, Reaching & Teaching International Ministries

A.P. and Faye Stone Professor of Christian Missions and Cultural Anthropology -The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


Joselito, Ruth & I remember are precious times working in the hospital with you as we sang and prayed for the patients and the preaching times you did on the 2nd & 3rd  floors visitations rooms at the end of the hallways. Those Sunday mornings will always be remembered as you worked as one of the chaplains at Hospital Vozandes. These are the only two pictures I have of you.

In Christ,

Joe & Ruth Baxter