Fernando & Teresa Lay


Webster defines a miracle as “an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs.”  That’s a very good definition of what happened in the small village of Gualavi, Ecuador just prior to Christmas last year, 2013.  In fact, there were in excess of 15 miracles when God’s moving in the hearts of Pastor Fernando Lay and the folks of Inaquito Church in Quito, Ecuador is considered too.

Pastor Fernando Lay (on left) with 15 of God's recent miracles.

Pastor Fernando Lay (on left) with 15 of God’s recent miracles.

 To experience this very heart-warming miraculous event, click on the link below.  After watching, God may “divinely intervene” into your affairs by urging you to support this work.  You may donate here or at the link from the home page.  Thank you for the help.

Click here to download Iñaquito’s “Church Planting Blessings” power point.